Back To School Messy Top Knot

Back to school messy top knot say what!?? This really applies to everyone and anyone but I want to focus on my back to school ladies because this style is adorable, stylish and takes only a few minutes. We all look for ways to be different and now you can be different by trying a different variation of the dated Top Knot and go with a fun messy rope braid top knot.

Watch my video below on this super simple back to school style and make your mornings a lot easier with a few of my simple steps. Also, if you are loving my videos please subscribe to my channel and give this video a big thumbs up.

What you will need for this style:
Spray Clay by Sexy Hair


NYFW Hair and Makeup Trends

NYFW hair and makeup trends friends!! I'm kicking this amazing week off with my home girl Stephanie with SN Makeup Artist who is my official makeup contributor for Confessions. If you are loving the incredible looks she is creating, make sure to head over to her blog HERE and follow her on Instagram. She and I decided that we wanted to do a fun pairing of some of our favorite makeup and hair looks straight from the runway at NYFW SS15. Both hair and makeup looks we choose to replicate are perfect for either fall or spring and can be worn by any women.

The trend Stephanie replicated in the below video was the bold lip trend. Now, seems pretty easy and self explanatory right? Well sort of, but I love the twist to this trend Stephanie created. Make sure to watch the video below and subscribe to her YouTube channel if you're not already. Oh….and btw….make sure to watch this video until the very end because there are a few bloopers you don't want to miss out on.

Products used for the Bold Lip Makeup Tutorial by Stephanie.
Foundation- FACEAtelier in 2
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Medium
MAC Pink Swoon blush
 MAC Painterly Paint Pot
 MAC Lustre Drops in Pink Rebel
 MAC Candy Yum Yum
 MAC Pigment in Madley
Royal Lip Brush
MAC Brush

Were you loving the bold lip makeup tutorial as much as I was??? Stephanie is the greatest isn't she! Now, lets talk hair friends. In the below video I show you how to get an ultra chic braided chignon just like we saw on the runway at the Tadashi show and like the previous video, make sure to watch it until the end for some hilarious bloopers.

Hair Products I used:
Kerastase Forme Fatale
Kerastase Ciment Thermique
Label M Hairspray


How To Tutorial on the Bubble Pony

Bubble ponytail y'all. So, I feel like a complete idiot! When I filmed this tutorial on the bubble ponytail, I couldn't think of the name for it. I say Poofy pony but its obviously the bubble pony seen on lots of celebs including Khloe Kardashian. I love this bubble ponytail look because its a statement hairstyle but is so so easy to achieve. All you need is a few products and tools such as a comb, elastic bands and some spray clay by Sexy Hair.

Watch my hair tutorial video below to get the low down on how to achieve the bubble ponytail and look like a celebrity in minutes.


How To Cut Toddlers Hair

Wanna learn how to cut your sons bangs?  Because today I show you how I trimmed up my son Indys bangs. This is his first hair cut guys!! So he turned one a few months ago and I've been so excited to give him a little boy cut but wanted to wait until he turned one. So now that he is well past one, it was hair cut time. I wasn't ready to do the whole big boy hair cut and wanted to see what it would look like on the longer side so I ended up just trimming up his bangs and thought this was the perfect time to show you ladies how to cut your sons bangs where its not straight across and looks like a bowl.

For this technique, I used my Hattori Hanzo Shears, pulled the hair slightly to the opposite direction of how his hair parts and cut it at an angle instead of straight across. This is key ladies!! You notice in the fourth picture how I'm slightly cutting into his hair at an angle instead of parrell to his hair. This is called point cutting and this technique it going to allow his hair to look soft as it lays down instead of a heavy bowl cut. BAM, easy!!

I used Hot Tots Sweet Pea Serum which is and organic hair care product and he is wearing a shirt from one of my favorite online kids clothes companies called Indie Nook that if you have kiddos, you just have to check out!! And last but not least, I have to give my photography friend a shout out for helping me document his first hair cut. Amy with Amy Frances Photography took these amazing pics.

So now that you know how to trim you babes bangs yourself, lets all try to get rid of the dreadful baby boy bowl cut one by one. Ha!


Hair trends from NYFW SS15 by Odile Gilbert

Legendary Odile Gilbert rocked some of the most amazing hairstyles at NYFW spring 2015. She is the lead hair stylist for Kerastase and if you check out the below photos you will know exactly why. Today my friends I wanted to simply show you all of the looks the infamous Odile created using all of Kerastase products and give you my two cents. Enjoy! 

Jason Wu models wore a simple everyday texutred pony. I love this look because every women and hair texture can get away with this simple yet chic hairstyle. 

 Rebecca Minkoff SS15 show, Kérastase Lead Artist Odile created a sexy, bed head look using products from the brand’s iconic Couture Styling collection, including the NEW V.I.P dry texture spray and I'm just loving it! I feel like barely there waves have been seen all over place on celebrities even on the red carpet.

At the Suno show, Kérastase Lead Artist Odile Gilbert created a glossy cage herringbone braid look using products from the brand's iconic Couture Styling collection, including the NEW Laque Noire anti-humidity hairspray which I haven't gotten the pleasure to work with but can't wait to get my hands on some. While I feel that this style would be tricky to do yourself, its definitely wearable to the everyday women.

At the Zac Posen Spring 2015 show, Odile for Kérastase created a glossy feminine pompadour using products from the brand’s Couture Styling Collection, including Forme Fatale blow dry gel, NEW Laque Noire strong hold hairspray and NEW Kératine Thermique thermo-protecting primer. I'm loving this look for the red carpet but not to keen on the look for my everyday peeps. I feel like it was on style point for Zac Posen but don't see myself recreating this look for my clientele.

Photos Credit Kessler Studios

Thakoon Spring 2015 show, Odile created a glossy, just-out-of-the-water hairstyle inspired by models in Herb Ritts' photos. To achieve the look, Odile used stylers from the brand’s iconic Couture Styling collection and the NEW Kératine Thermique thermo-protecting primer. This style is really wearable and achievable to all types of women, I would just recommend for the everyday gal to hold off on the high shine feel to it and then you will look red carpet worthy in minutes.

How to Style Curly Hair

Curly haired friends, where you at, where you at?? I've been getting so many requests on how-to's for how to style curly hair and I've listened ladies because in this video, I show you how to take your curly hair to the next level. Its amazing with what a little bit of time and a few products can do for my curly haired ladies.

Now my model has really long and thick curls but that doesn't mean my shorties can't utilize this technique as well. And actually my model is my friend and aesthetician Breanna with Healthy Skin AZ who has some pretty stellar curly locks. To style her thick curly hair we used a hot tools iron, product by Ouidad and a diffuser. So check it below and make sure to head to Breanna's site HERE and say hello!

Products Used:
Hot Tools Curling Iron
Ouidad Moisture Lock and Define Gel
Air Diffuser


Everyday Smokey Eye With SN Makeupartist

Photography by Sara Bishop

 Makeup Monday with my girl Stephanie with SN Makeupartist. She created an everyday smoky eye with warm browns and deep purples, black liner, lashes, a shaped brow, full coverage skin, and a soft yet poppy lip to go with one of my soon releasing hair tutorials. Stephanie says "Its something that is classic clean and fun! Yet doesn't take away or distract from Jenny's hair tutorial." Get the look with Stephanies easy how-to.

Products Stephanie used on Mia
  • -Strobe Cream Moisturizer from MAC
  • -Painterly Paint Pot from MAC
  • -MAC eyeshadows in Orb, Blanc Type, Soft Brown, Handwritten and Sketch.
  • -MAC Fluidline eyeliner in Blacktrack
  • -Ardell Wispie lashes
  • -MAC Prolongwear concealer
  • -Kett HD foundation
  • -MAC blushes in Gingerly and Mocha
  • -MAC lip pencils Dervish and Naked
  • -MAC lipstick in Chatterbox
  • -MAC lipgloss in Pretty Plush
Steps to create this look
Step one- Apply strobe cream moisturizer to the face and let it settle into the skin while you do the eye makeup. Apply the Painterly MAC Paint Pot to the eyelid and fade the product up to the brow bone. Also apply the Paint Pot along the bottom lash line.
Step two- Using a flat shadow brush apply your mid to dark tone color all along the eye lid up to the crease. In this case I used Soft Brown. Not IN the crease, up to the crease. When you open your eyes you should only see a dark color on the eyelid. Don't worry, we'll be blending this later!
Step three- Take your Blacktrack Fluidline eyeliner and apply it to the top and bottom waterline for a smoky effect with a soft liner brush.
Step 4- Time to pop in our first layer of the smoky crease color! Which when applied will blend your eyelid color. Using a soft and fluffy yet defined crease brush take your deeper contour shadow (Handwritten) and start on outer crease. Once you make contact with the skin start making small circular motions. Once the majority of the color is off the brush, start "windshield wiper-ing" it through the crease. It should feel like an eyeball massage. Open your eyes and look straight into the mirror to make sure your crease is in the crease, not on your brow bone. Make sure its blended and consistent.
Step 5- Apply your first matte highlight color to the brow bone (blanc type) and inner tear duct. Next take your shimmery high light and using a flat brush apply it right under the arch of your brown and right on top of the inner point of your eye by the tear duct.
Step 6- Using whichever eyeliner brush you prefer, create a thin yet defined to liner along the lash line. Have your lash glue sitting out so its getting tacky and prepped for lashes once you are done with this step.
Step 7- Peel your lashes off the plastic and measure them for your eye shape as needed. Apply a thin consistent amount of lash glue to the false lash and while looking down into a mirror apply the outer corner of the lash. Once the outer corner is secure press down the middle, and then the inner corner. Lightly press on the lashes to secure the hold. Repeat this step for the other eye then take your liner brush and apply another layer of the Fluidline eye liner to hide the lash band.
Step 8- Using the edge of your flat eyeshadow brush take your mid tone and deep tone shadow and buff the shadow on the bottom lash liner under the lashes or a smoky blended effect. Apply Mascara!
Step 9- Using a cotton ball and eye makeup remover clean the skin underneath your eyes and your cheeks. Even if you can't see fall out, its there. I promise!
Step 10- Using a concealer two shades lighter than your natural skin tone and a fluffy blending brush apply the concealer under your eyes and in all the areas you highlight your bone structure. Along the cheekbone, above the brow, down the ridge of the nose, the bow of the lip, the triangle next to the nose, and the center of the forehead.
Step 11- Using a duo fiber brush like MAC's #130 apply your foundation in a thin coverage all over. Once this layer has set, do it one more time and set the foundation with a translucent setting powder like MAC's Prep + Prime powder. 
Step 12- Using your contour color or bronzer of choice you can start adding dimension to the face. I contoured Mia with an angled blush brush from MAC with their Sculpt powder under the cheekbones and along the side of the nose. I used that same brush to apply two blushes to her. One warm towards the back and one brighter on the apples of the cheek.
Step 13- I lined the lips with Dervish to start and I filled in the entire lip. This liner has a pink yet rosy tone to it that looks like a naturally enhanced lip in photos. I then took the Naked liner and applied it in the center of the top and bottom lip and blended it out. Using the same liner brush I gently applied the Chatterbox lipstick and Pretty Plush gloss.
Step 14- Go back to the eyes one more time. Do you need more color in the crease? on the highlight? Etc... make sure the skin is even and that the blush is strong enough and VOILA! Le Fin. 
Doesn't it look fabulous?? Make sure to get social with Stephanie online! Below are all her links. 
Instagram - @snmakeupartist