Funky Color How-To

As women we all get bored with our hair color a time or two. In my case, I'm always bored. I used to do exciting colors or cuts with it left and right, but since I've started blogging I've been less adventurous since I need my length for my weekly hair tutorials. 

Luckily for me, there are tons of fun temporary hair colors out on the market. A punky color line that we use inside of the salon a lot are the Deep Shine Direct by Rusk vibrant shades.

This ammonia free color line is really simple to use and doesn't require a developer. Just watch my video below for my easy how-to. 


Hairdressers At Heart

Hey friends, what a whirlwind of craziness the past six months have been!! I've been so busy with so many great collaborations on top of having my little ones, that I haven't gotten to do a regular post for awhile. I've been working really hard on creating fun YouTube content as well as working hard with my women empowerment Jewelry line called Heart Yourself where I donate a portion of my proceeds to a charity that is dear to my heart called Fresh Start. Which is what I'm wanting to post about today because I desperately need your help.

Wella professional hair care is hosting an amazing giveaway for Hairdressers at Heart. Basically any charitable hairstylist can enter to win money for their charity of choice. I entered to win this amazing giveaway because it would mean so much to me to be able to give to my favorite charity.

If I won Wella Supports Your Cause giveaway, money from it will help spread women empowerment through the Fresh Start Foundation. Wella supporting Fresh Start would help transform women's lives through engagement and education. It will help fund programs and services, which give women the knowledge, skills, and support to improve self-sufficiency and in turn make better choices for themselves and their families. It will also fund services such as social work, education, mentoring, family law support, personal development and a computer-equipped Internet accessible learning Center.

So you can see that it would be an amazing way to encourage women empowerment and giveback to our community. Don't forget to vote each and every day right HERE. Thanks and I love you guys!


Easy Three Braid Updo

If you've been following me, you know I'm all about easy and fast up dos. Today's tutorial is on the easy 3 braid up style. Follow my easy step by steps above and learn how to achieve this cute style in minutes.


Amika Undone Texture Spray

Where has this product been all of my life? I'm kinda obsessed with this one ladies! I was pleasantly surprised about Amikas Undone Texture Spray. Watch the above video for my product confession on this fabulous product.

What I'm wearing
Lipstick: Fashion Nomad by MAC
Necklaces from Heart Yourself Jewelry
Shirt: H&M


Beach Waves

My go to hairstyle is messy beach waves.You would think that being a hairstylist that I would have a different hairstyle each and everyday. Well, its like the mechanic that has the broken down car. I do hair every single day. So when it comes to my hair, I get a bit lazy. Horrible I know! And btw…that mechanic with the broken down car, is totally my husband!

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Art of The Heart Blog

I couldn't be more excited to be doing this feature on a blogger friend that I've known…...well…on the Internet for awhile. I love stories like Amy's. She's a go getter and entrepreneur and at such a young age has found her dream job.

Amy is the mastermind over at the cute blog called Art of The Heart. Amy specializes in hair, makeup and has the cutest little Etsy Shop selling one of a kind home made jewelry. It's been really fun watching her and her blog grow.

Amy was sweet enough to collaborate with me on a helping me get the word out on my new YouTube channel. So in return, I emailed asking her to answer some of my questions. Read below to get to know this sweet beauty blogger.

Q. How long have you been doing hair for?
A. I have been doing hair for 4 years now.

Q.  Where can people find you and your hair and makeup services?
A.   I live in a small town in Mississippi called Tupelo (the birthplace of Elvis... Thank you, thank you very much!). I spent the first 2 years of my hairdressing career training and working in an AVEDA concept salon. For the past 2 years, I've been renting a chair from a stylist at another salon in the downtown area. I work as my own boss and thoroughly enjoy the freedom that gives me!

Q.  What's your favorite style or technique to do?
A.  My favorite style to do is any kind of fade on men. I love that there is such a wide variety of faded styles because it really lets me tap into my creativity. My favorite technique is probably razor cutting for that same reason.

Q.  You so makeup as well, do you like it as much as doing hair?
A.  I love doing makeup! I'm hugely into art (hence the blog name) so a blank face is like a blank canvas to me! I'd say I probably like it just as much as hair.

Q.  Who's your hair icon?
A.  Growing up, my hair icon was always Topanga from Boy Meets World! It was just so thick, smooth, and perfectly layered (at least in the later episodes), I seriously envied her hair anytime I watched that show. Now, I'd say my hair icons would have to be MaryKate and Ashley Olsen. Their hair has always been perfect!

Isn't Amy so sweet! I especially love her hair icon answer. I totally remember Topanga and it makes me feel so old! Thanks again Amy for letting me feature you! Friends, make sure to go over to Art of The Heart Blog and go say hello to Amy.