Fishtail Braid Updo Styled Two Ways

Wanna learn how to style the same fishtail updo in two different ways? Well your in luck my friends because after watching todays tutorial you will be a pro at the fishtail updo. I'm loving this style because its so simple and elegant. Fishtail braiding is one of those braids that everyone thinks is complicated but I personally feel is one of the easiest. So sit back and get those fingers ready because friends I'm going to teach you the Fishtail Braid Updo.


Dreamy Braided Updo

Braids on braids in braids equals dreamy braided updo. Yes please!! The other week I got to team up with my girl Stephanie with SN Makeup Artist and ever so talent Tiffany Egbert who's photography skills are out of this world! Aren't these pictures so dreamy? I created three braids for texture and pulled them all together for a dreamy braided up style. I felt that the hair was the perfect balance of whimsical to help soften Stephanies killer dark makeup on our model Chante. With a great hair and makeup look on this babe didn't Tiffany capture these images perfectly? I just had to share these images and if you are wanting to see more of this shoot, head over to my girl Tiffany Egbert for the full post.


Game of Thrones Hair and makeup How-to

So I've teamed up once again with one of the most talented makeup artist I know, Stephanie aka SN Makeup Artist is my makeup contributor who blogs over at Beauty with SN. Since Halloween is right around the corner we thought it would be really fun to do a makeup/hair look and since I'm going to be Game of Thrones Daenerys Targaryen for Halloween already we decided to do a hair and makeup tutorial on that and the best part is my son Indy is my little dragon.

Daenerys Targaryen makeup is really soft and lite yet beautiful. Since I don't like no makeup at all, Stephanie really helped channel Daenerys look while giving me a bit of color that I crave. Watch the below video on her amazing how-to Game of Thrones inspired makeup look and make sure to subscribe to her channel HERE for all sorts of makeup goodness.

What did I tell you? Its pretty amazing isn't it? For the Game of Thrones Daenerys Targaryen hair tutorial I popped in some of my Lush Hair Extenstions from the Uk in 18inch so I was able to get her dramatic look to her locks. I must say…I cheated ever so slightly and did a regular braid at the bottom instead of a french braid, but a girl with fine textured hair has to do what a girl with fine textured hair has to do. I would have had micro locks if I would have done it properly. But guess what?? You can't even tell the difference and I think it turned out great! What do you think? Also, make sure to watch both videos until the very end so that you get a sneak peak of my little dragon. 


Dutch Braid Updo Tutorial

Dutch braids are one of those braids that can really make a statement if down in a certain way. You can simply pancake them or pull them loose for a soft texture it can make the braid look completely different. In today's tutorial, I show you my favorite way to pancake a dutch braid and make it into a beautiful Dutch braid updo.

This particular video and Ill of mine from now on will have some sort of surprise ending so you have to make sure you watch them until the very end. Today on my Dutch Braid updo video I show you how to pull your braid out at the very end to make it a more editorial look. Make sure to check it out and don't forget to subscribe here to both of my YouTube channels. It really helps me out. Thanks loves!


Pull Through Braid Hair Tutorial

So my Pull Through Mohawk hairstyle was so popular that I decided to do the normal pull through braiding technique for you all. You would not believe how easy this hair style is and it screams statement hair. I just love this hair tutorial because not only do I should you how to do a simple pull through pony, I show you a second way to wear this hairstyle like the photo above. Its something I've been adding to my hair tutorials so make sure to watch until the very end to get the full scoop.

With this hairstyle, you can definitely rock it down for the day and pull it into a fun topknot at night. And the best part is that it is super easy. Just watch my below video and please don't forget to give this video a big thumbs up. 


Romantic Curly Updo

Im on a curly hair roll friends. You may have remembered my tutorial on my favorite way to style curl hair HERE from the other week, so I decided to call up my favorite curly haired friend Breanna from Healthy Skin AZ and show you all a soft romantic curly updo.

Now now my straight haired frends, you too can get a similar look by simply curling your hair prior to attempting this soft up style. Make sure to watch the video below and give it a big thumbs up.


Textured Braid By Tracy Melton

I'm obsessing over this textured braid. The mastermind behind this stunning braid is the ever so talented Tracy Melton Artistry  Tracy is an on location hairstylist and makeup specialist in the Dallas & Fort Worth area and I've had the pleasure in coming across her instagram feed and instantly feel in love with her work and judging by the above photos you can tell why.

Her and I are what I like to call Insta buddies where we are always complementing each others work, and luckily for me she was ever so kind to share with you all how she achieved this gorgeous textured braid  Be sure to read her easy how-to below but most importantly you have to check out her website and follow her Instagram feed  for all sorts of inspirational pictures.

Textured Braid How-To
 1. Start out by generously spraying your hair with dry shampoo for texture and grit.
2. Curl the entire head with a 1 1⁄4” curling iron. I sectioned off the hair and curled from the bottom up, taking varying sizes of hair to curl (1-2” sections) to create more texture and variety in the curls.
 3. Once the whole head is curled, spray a little texturizing spray and backcomb the bottom layers of the hair, lightly, to give her fine hair more bulk.
 4. Gather hair over one shoulder and begin a traditional braid. Finish with an elastic.
 5. To make the braid textured with a messy, lived-in look, begin pulling sections of the braid out (loosening the braid). By pulling different sections of the braid out more than others, you make a simple braid more interesting and complex.
6. Rub your palms on the sides of the head around the temple to loosen up the face framing hairs and let them fall naturally.
7. To polish off the look, I took a small strand of hair from the tail of the braid and wrapped it around the elastic to conceal it.
8. Then finish off with a medium hold hairspray.

So simple right? If you are a bride in the Dallas area I highly suggest you check out my girl Tracy.