Split Fishtail Braid Tutorial

Immediately when I saw a similar hairstyle on Amber Fillerup from Barefoot blonde I knew I needed to figure out how to achieve this split fishtail hairstyle. The split fishtail hairstyle is basically a 3D fishtail but when you pull the underneath out, it almost makes the illusion that its laying on top of one another. So cute I just love it!

Make sure to watch the full tutorial below to get the full scoop and subscribe to both of my YouTube channels HERE and HERE


Upcoming Hair Education Classes

Photos by Sara Nevels of Talk Studio Photography

Hey friends, I can't believe this year is almost over. I'm a tad sad it has flown by, mostly because my babies are getting so big!! But I have to tell you,  I can not wait to share all of the fun things I have in store for 2015. Big changes my friends!! The most exciting part of 2015 is that I'll be teaching a lot more around the nation. The above photos are from my holiday updo class I taught in Phoenix the other week. It was focused  more on holiday hairstyles. The other classes I have coming up are a bit more braid and bridal focused. I've listed the details below!

 I want to mention, that unfortunately due to my crazy schedule,  I don't update the blog about my classes as much as I do on Instagram, so if you're not already following me on Instagram and you're interested in classes or just want some good ol daily "hairinspration" make to follow me HERE.

So, the first class I have lined up for 2015 is Braids and Balayage with master hair painter Jay Olson owner of The Bespoke Salon. This will be the first class of a series of 3. All Braids and Balayage classes are all day long and are a see and do format. Our see and do format will be where Jay and I literally hold your hand through you learning all of the techniques. Balayage and braids are one of the hugest trends right now so I highly recommend if you aren't confident in either techniques you take our course. It will be from 10-5 $400 with lunch and mannequin included. If you are interested in that class, read more, sign up and pay HERE.

The other class I have coming up is in Orange County California in Tustin, CA. I'm so thrilled to be going to Jess Daniel Salon in Tustin. This class will be 10am-1pm for $100 with the option of staying for the hands on portion for an additional $50.  I will be demoing 4 up styles with 2 of them being braiding techniques. The hands on portion is limited to 12 students so if you want to do the hands on portion please make sure to register asap. Ill you have to do to register is pay your fee and you can easily do that below. If you don't have a pay pal feel free to email me to arrange other payment options or if you have any other questions. class@confessionsofahairstylist.com

I also want to mention that if you are a salon I'm always looking for salons to teach my updo class to! I love interacting with hairstylist just like yourself, so if you are a salon and would like me to travel to you, feel free to email so we can make that happen!!! xo

                                                          Tustin Updo Class
                                            Jess Daniel Salon
                                             17331 17th Street
                                               Tustin, CA 92780



Glamour Wave Rope Braid Updo for your Holiday Party

Holiday glamour wave into a rope braid updo hair tutorial is what I'm delivering today! I taught something similar to this in one of my educational updo classes the other week. The only difference on the one I taught was that it was a bit more advanced which all of my educational classes are.

This glamour wave rope braid updo style is perfect for the gal that doesn't have time nor money to head into the salon and wants to look glamours for her holiday party. Now don't feel left out if you're not attending a holiday party, this style will work at any formal function.

I did this hairstyle on one of my blogger friends Caitlin of A Little Dash of Darling.com who is the cutest thing ever! You guys have to stop over by her blog, say hi and see her full holiday outfit post HERE. She is the cutest thing ever and has a great sense of style if you are looking for a new fashion blogger to follow. 

All you will need for this glamour wave into rope braid bun is a curling iron, an elastic and a few minutes. So go ahead and relax and watch the below tutorial so you too can achieve this hairstyle at home. 

Model: Caitlin of A little Dash of Darling
Makeup Artist: Stephanie of SN Makeup Artist


Sam Villa Textur Iron Review

I've been obsessing over the Sam Villa Textur Iron. I just can't get enough of it! It reminds me of a mini crimper. The textur iron gives just that, a fun crimpy texture! Now, now…its not a 80's crimp but just enough to give some extra flare to your hairstyle.  Its been also allowing me to get fullness in my up styles like the one I did on youtube HERE the other week.

Basically all you have to do is clamp down on your hair and the textur iron gives the hair a nice little crimp. After you have fully crimped your hair you can brush it out and it just ends up giving your hair tons of volume. Im definitely obsessed! You have to check out some of the hairstyles I've created with this iron and posted on my Instagram, so if you're not following you should!

If you're an editorial hairstylist, this is definitely a must have tool! You can get one HERE.


Infinity Knot Bun Tutorial

I couldn't be more thrilled to have teamed up with the adorable lifestyle and beauty blogger Missy Sue. She is the cutest and we thought it would be fun to do the same hairstyle and show you guys the different ways to finish this adorable look off.

Missy Sue only does tutorials on herself where I do a lot on models so it was a fun pairing for sure. Check out her video HERE and mine is below. I hope you guys like it! 


Dutch Braid Faux Hawk Hair Tutorial

Dutch braid faux hawk hair tutorial time!! I can't believe all of the amazing bloggers I'm getting to meet and collaborate with. The other day Claire from Beauty and a Bargain.com was in the salon and I got to play around with her beyond gorgeous locks. Claire has very fine textured hair but has a lot of it! She was the perfect model for this dutch braid faux hawk.

Not only is her hair amazing her style and fun personality match the part. Check out her full outfit post right HERE on her blog and make sure to watch my YouTube tutorial below and give it a big thumbs up! I also want to give a special shout out to Stephanie with SN Makeup Artist who did Claires makeup  for this fun tutorial.


Faux Hawk Ponytail

Dutch braid Faux Hawk pony is the tutorial today friends, and it is a statement look for sure! If you have been following me on Instagram you've probably noticed I've teamed up with the lovely Lauren aka with What Lola Likes.com to bring you a fun outfit and hair pairing. Make sure to head to Lolas blog HERE to see and shop her full outfit.

The dutch braid faux hawk can easily be the center of attention because it is edgy with some major chicness. All you need is a few items such as an elastic, hair clips and bobbi pins. Make sure to watch my how-to hair tutorial below, subscribe HERE to my YouTube channel and give it a big thumbs up. 

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