Im On The Road

You are all invited!! I'm taking my up styling class on the road. Ill be south of Seattle and outside of Jackson, Mississippi soon. Below are the dates Ill be on the road. If you are around any of these areas I would love to have you in one of my classes. 

111 Tumwater Blvd. Suite 216
 Tumwater, WA 98501 
August 24th 10-1 Look and Learn $100
 Email to purchase your ticket theconfessionsofahairstylist@gmail.com 

Nathans Salon
101 W Washington St Suite C3
 Ridgeland, Mississippi 39157
October 12th Look & Learn 10-1 $100
with an option for hands on training for an additional $50
To purchase tickets contact Lindsay @ (601) 707-7015

Are you a salon that is interested in hosting one of my classes? If so, please feel free email me for details! theconfessionsofahairstylist@gmail.com


How-to achieve the half up rope braid hairstyle

Are you obsessed with braids as much as I am? Today's tutorial is my how-to on the half up half down rope braid hairstyle. Rope braids are such a cool alternative to a regular braid, and get this….it's seriously one of the easiest braids ever!!

This hairstyle is perfect for any occasion and especially great for the summer time because it allows us to get our hair out of our face while looking stylish while doing it.All you need an elastic, your time and a little bit of patience. So take me to the nearest mirror, hit play, and lets get started.


Trend Alert!! Half Up Top Knot

Photo credit: Amy Frances

Trend alert Ladies!! I'm really loving the half up top knot I must say. I'm someone that feels secure with a little hair around her face so this style works perfect when I want a little variation to my normal day to day hairstyle and especially when I want my hair out of my face. Want the full scoop on this style? The head over to my friends Latest-Hairstyles right now and Right Here

Are you going to rock this hairstyle?


Novex Brazilan Keratin product review

Its been requested that I do product reviews on other products than texturizers. Can you tell that I love me some texture giving products? So this week I broke out of my box and did a product review on a product that is accessible for the everyday women. Today's review is on the Novex Brazilian Keratin treatment.

The longer I've been blogging and on YouTube I'm becoming  more aware of what other beauty bloggers are doing. Can you believe I never read a beauty blog before starting my own? It's true! Any who….I keep coming across bloggers doing a review on the Novex Brazillan Keratin treatment and since it was only $15 at Sallys Beauty Supply, I decided to give it a shot.

Basically its hair food packed with vitamins and keratin for the hair. The packaging reminds me of something you would find at GNC and a little bit goes a long way. Did it work? Well, that's for you to find out in my below video.


How to color your own roots.

With being a professional hairstylist, there is nothing worse than having a client come into the salon with a bad at home color job. Now, I know that there will always be a few clients out there that no matter how much I lecture them they will always do there own roots.  You know who you all are and thats totally OK if you are doing it properly. So that's why I bring you my how to color your own roots in the convience of your own home. 

In the below tutorial I used the Goldwell color which is an amazing color line available only for hairstylist. If you can't get your hands on some Goldwell or anything professional maybe ask your stylist to recommend something for you oppose to going to your local drug store and aimlessly walking through the hair color aisle. 

So with that, watch my video so you can find out how to properly touch up your roots if you're a rebel like me and you want to do it yourself. 


Dutch Braid Low Rolled Updo

We are in the age of the statement braid my friends. With that, I feel that braids can actually make some up styles look a bit dated if they aren't done in an editorial way.  Utilizing a pancake braiding technique like shown in my below video, will help you immediately update your dutch braid and give it a bit of an editorial feel.

The dutch braid rolled updo can be worn in several ways such as a wedding, a night out or throw a few flowers in it to make it boho chic. Loving this hairstyle? Then don't forget to  to my YouTube channels for weekly hair tutorials and sign up for one of my upcoming Updo Classes.


Asymmetrical Down Style

Alright, real confession time. I'll admit that I've been a total sucker for some Kardashians family craziness. Khloe happens to be my favorite, but I love me some Kim K, mostly because of her fashionable hair choices. I love it when she wears her hair down, and I'm especially a huge fan of her hair when she wears it down and off to one side.

Because I am so obsessed with this asymmetrical down style,  I decided to replicate it for you all. Not sure what I'm talk about? Its where the hair is severely parted to one side and the other side is smooth and tight to the head. Just watch my below hair tutorial video for the low down so you can easily achieve it at home.