Dutchbraid Crown Fishtail Braid

With statement braids still all the rage, I'm going strong with all sorts of  braided styles. Today's YouTube tutorial is the dutch braid crown fishtail braid. I love this hairstyle because it packs a lot of punch. Ill you need for this do is an elastic band and a whole lot of patience. Lets go ahead and get started on this dutch braid crown style.

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Easiest 5 Strand Braid Hair Tutorial

I'm not even exaggerating that this tutorial is the easiest five strand braid tutorial. What I love about the look I've created is that you only weave hair from one side of the head instead of both so it works beautifully for beginners. After you braid the hair, I give it a little twist so that it helps the hair have a tad bit of volume.

Don't believe me that its a super easy five strand braid hair tutorial? Then watch the below video to see for yourself. I also have to give my girl Claire with Beauty and a Bargain.com for loaning her gorgeous locks for me to braid. If you guys like fashion on a budget, make sure to check out her blog right HERE.


GHD Flat Iron limited edition Review

You guys! I'm dying over the new ghd limited edition flat iron in Lagoon. The colors are so amazing and rich. This special edition is a 1inch ceramic flat iron with advanced ceramic heat technologies which helps with enhanced shine and smoothness. The little things always gets me excited and I love how this iron comes with a heat safe mat, has a sleep mode that switches off on its on after 30 minutes (perfect for inside the salon)  and it has swivel cord which allows me to create gorgeous flat iron waves like I have in the above photo.

ghd is definitely top of the line, and is currently my flat iron of choice inside the salon when I'm creating the ever so popular flat iron waves on my clients that is all the rage right now. These retail for $225 but defiantly worth the investment. They even come with a 2year warranty. I'm a true believe of you get what you pay for, and this iron my friend you are getting well worth your money.


Faux Fringe with Top Bun

Faux Fringe with top bun hair tutorial is on the menu for today! This is the perfect style for my friends that want to give a fringe a shot with out the commitment. The faux fringe style is just that, a faux fringe from the hair that you put in your top knot and swoops across your forehead. This style can be worn for several occasions including dressy, formal or for a causal day out.

This hairstyle was done on blogger friend Claire with Beauty and a Bargain. If you don't follow her already, make sure you do because she is pretty amazing. Claire has really long hair so this style worked out beautifully. If your hair is shorter, don't be discouraged because you can rock it to. You bun might just be a tad smaller than Claires.

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2014 Blooper Reel

2014 was such a fabulous year you guys, but I seriously can't wait for 2015! I've already gotten started with the new year with a bang and I can't wait to reveal some fun projects that I have in the works. Don't worry you won't have to wait too much longer. 

My amazing video guy has compiled some of my funny moments while I'm filming for you guys to enjoy. I wanted to prove that 1. Im not always serious, 2. That I'm not perfect and I make mistakes and 3. Well…just wanted to prove Im a dork and Im just like you.

I hope you watch the below bloopers, and I hope everyone has a fabulous 2015!! And remember that you can do anything you set your mind too! 


Laguna Upstyle/Braiding Class

You guys!! Because my class is full on Jan 25th and by popular demand Im heading to Laguna Niguel, California for my popular up style class. Class will be Jan 26th 10-1 demo for $100 with the option of hands on for an additional $50 from 1:30-3.

If you are staying for the hands on portion, you will need to provide your own model. You model should have long hair and arrive promptly at 1:30. Also, if you are staying for hands on, make sure to bring all of your tools including comb, clips, 1inch curling iron, bobbi pins and elastic bands. Hairspray will be provided by Fave4.

You can pay via paypal with the link below. If you have any questions what so ever, you can email me at class@confessionsofahairstylist.com Or feel free to check out my other classes I have to offer HERE

                                3 hands on spots left!!
                               Dedication Salon 
                              29955 Alicia Parkway 
                                   Laguna Niguel, CA 

                                                      Laguna Niguel Upstyle Class


Easy Side Knot Updo

Todays hair tutorial video is on the side knot updo. The easy side knot updo can easily be worn casually or dressed up with a nice dress and some fun earrings. I just love this knotted updo look because is chic and very different so you will be sure to turn heads. Basically for this look you bring all the hair to one side and by utilizing a simple knot technique you can create a fun up style.

Watch my below YouTube hair tutorial on how you can achieve this look in minutes and if you love it, make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and give this hairstyle a big thumbs up.

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