Where's My Rectangle Face Peeps At?

Hey everyone!! It's that time of the week again where I release a new fun tutorial for you all. Well... actually this one is for all my Rectangle face shaped peeps. In this video I show you a few simple ways you can flatter your gorgeous rectangle face shape. Enjoy!!

Are you wanting to see a particular tutorial? If so, I'd love to her your opinions! Feel free to comment below or email me. 


Tangle Problem At Night?

I hope everyone had a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend. I sure did, we didn't really do much since I've been waiting around for baby boy to finally want to come into this world. We just kind of hung out and did a little BBQ and that was perfect for me. Today's "Ask Jenny" post is from a anonymous viewer.

I have a question for you :) I have fine, bleached platinum hair that is about collarbone length. I sleep on a satin pillowcase to keep it from getting too tangly at night but am still having problems with it tangling and breaking as my hair is so fragile. Is it safe for my hair to wear it up in a scrunchy at night or could this cause more breakage? thanks for your help!-Anonymous

Hey there!! Thank you so much for you question. This one is an easy one. Scrunchies might be a thing of the 90's but they are perfectly safe for you hair, especially at night. They are really soft allowing you to move your head with out pulling the hair out of your pony tail. Hair will naturally come loose out of your scrunchy oppose to pulling it out which causes more breakage. And here's a confession of my own, I wear scrunchies to the gym. Yup, that's right. I hope I never get recognized but I totally rock a scrunchy at the gym for the simple reason that it doesn't pull on my hair when I'm on the cross trainer.

You could even use a Hair Tie. I like hair ties by Glitter Revivial. Hair ties are like the new wave scrunchies. They are super adorable and they don't pull or tug on the hair like regular elastics. So I'd suggest you getting some hair scrunchies which you can pick up an any local drugstore or Target or order some fancy hair ties for night time.


Confessions Of A Pregnant Hairstylist

Well you've asked for more personal posts, so here it is. Doesn't get more personal than this. I'm officially 40 weeks pregnant and not looking like I'm going to have this baby anytime soon. I'll go as long as I can until its dangerous to the baby before I chose to let Dr's medically intervene. As of right now I have a really stellar midwife and we are hoping that I go into natural labour so that I can have the delivery I desire, so cross your fingers that I can have the birth I want.

Unfortunately with my daughter Magnolia, I had to get medically induced at 42 weeks, so I'm thinking for some reason my body really likes holding onto babies or maybe its the other way around, that babies like to hold onto me. But regardless, I'm my happiest when I'm pregnant and maybe that's the problem. I love the feeling and going through the process of growing another person inside of me. It's truly one of lifes biggest miracles.

Even though I don't judge others for their choices on child birth, I do plan on going unmedicated if possible and I'm trying to not medically intervene. I'm having a bit of deja vu this pregnancy as my last, because  I got the same kind of negative responses when telling people I'm trying to ride it out until my son decides to come. I don't judge when women schedule inductions or cesareans so why would people judge me? Shouldn't I let my son stay comfy while he develops as much as he possibly can before I try forcing him out? It's crazy that I'm considered the "abnormal" one when really I'm doing what my body already knows and wants to do. Now of course there are situations where women have to have doctors medically intervene and I 100% respect that or any other women's decision in their delivery for that matter. Different opinions is what makes the world go around after all.

So wish me luck and send good baby having vibes my way in the next couple weeks as I ride out this long pregnancy, and don't worry, after my sweet bundle of joy enters the world, I'll definitely do a post on it. And hopefully he has hair that his mama can play with it. That's why he's going to be late you know... he's growing out some hair. Cross your fingers, hopefully the little tike has some.


Head Lice

I'll be honest with you, I was really debating on doing a post on this topic but after a day of dealing with what I've been dealing with, I've decided that it's important that I do a post on head Lice. Yup, that's right...head Lice. Random I know, but the inevitable happened at my house this week. My daughter came home with a case of the head lice. I think we have all had it a time or two in our life times, and to be honest...it's down right embarrassing. But I want to go over it because I want to clear up a few misconceptions up about it.

Head lice is known to be a tiny little parasitic insect that makes a cozy home among human hairs and they feed on blood drawn from the scalp. Sounds disgusting right? It actually is, but believe me its a very common problem that shows no mercy or discrimination. I feel like there is a lot of misconceptions on who is more prone to head lice. Although it is most common in children, anyone can catch a case of the dreaded head lice. Doesn't matter age, sex or race. Doesn't mean that the host has poor hygiene. Just means that they were at the wrong place at the wrong time and if you ever been to school, you most likely have encountered it. And believe it or not, they actually prefer a cleaner scalp to a dirty one.

My daughter goes to an awesome clean pre-school and unfortunately a few weeks ago there was a case of head lice among one of her class mates. The director of the school was very helpful and sent out an email to inform all the parents and clue them in on what to look out for. A few weeks passed by and we thought we were golden, but then the other day it happened. A tiny little bug ran across her hair. What the heck was that, I was thinking. No way, she can't have lice. After inspecting her a little bit more, I came across a couple of more and quickly diagnosed her. The following is what you will need to get rid of the little buggers.

Now, you probably know by now I'm a sucker for home remedies, but with baby boy expected literally any day, I didn't want to take any chances. Luckily my mother is in town helping out before I have my son and has helped me treat my daughter Magnolias head lice. It's not an easy thing to treat, but it's totally doable.  First things first, you need to make a little trip to the drug store. I had no idea how expensive the treatment could be! We used Rid and it was the cheapest a treatment at $19.99 for an 8 oz bottle. I wanted to get the big bottle because I don't want a repeat this scenario, especially with expecting my son any day. So I forced the whole household to get treated. Even my mom who has only been in town for a few days. I did buy the Walgreen's brand Stop Lice Egg & Nit comb because the one in the box was pretty much useless and that really helped as far as combing the nits out.

After reading the directions off of the box, it was pretty self explanatory. You apply to dry hair, let sit for 10 minutes to kill the little guys and then rinse. The hard part is you have to comb it out with a tiny little comb to get the louse and their nits ( eggs) out. Luckily at this point the louse were dead and combed right out but the most important part is to try to get all the eggs aka nits out. Because they are still alive and can easily hatch in a few days up to 10 days. I highly suggest retreating in 7-10 days to make sure because the nits actually hatch every 7-12 days then they turn into baby lice aka numpths that are the size of a tiny pinhead and then very quickly turn into an adult in 9-12 days, mate and start the whole cycle over again in just about 3-4 Weeks time.

After treating my daughters hair, I changed all sheets, pillows, her plush babies, car seat cover and threw them in a hot wash cycle and even put a tad of the treatment shampoo in for extra precaution. You then want to dry everything on high heat and that should take care of them right away. I also bought the Rid Spray and sprayed the couches...etc. It was a pain, but I think we won't have another outbreak in my household.

Have you ever experienced head lice? It's not picnic. If you have any suggestions on how you treated them, I'd love to hear about it.


For My Short Haired Peeps

Happy Thursday everyone!! Hope everyone is having a fabulous week. I sure have been, except for the fact I haven't had my baby yet. Anyday now, or if he is anything like my daughter I have another 2 weeks to go. *sigh* They come when they want I suppose, and I'm not one to pressure my little guy.

Anywho, today's video tutorial is by request. In the video above I show you 3 simple ways you can rock your long pixie. This cut is very hot at the moment, and I wanted to give my short haired peeps a few ideas for inspiration. Enjoy and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to my channel for weekly hair love and inspiration. 


Sulfate Shampoo OR Sulfate Free?

Happy Monday everyone!! I'm kicking this wonderful week off by answering your questions. Today's "Ask Jenny" post is a question from my Facebook Fan page. I kinda went a little overboard when answering it, but felt that I had sooo much to say on this topic. This is what a fan wrote in about Sulfate  Shampoo's. 

 I am contemplating doing an ombre effect to my hair but I also want to switch shampoo and conditioner. What is healthy for my hair and wont effect my color? I was told to look into sulfate free what is the best sulfate free line? I have medium length hair and it tends to fall flat a lot of the time which I think has a lot to do with my shampoo being too heavy. I currently use nexus diametress luscious volumizing.-Anomonyous

Thanks so much for your question!! This is a good one, now a days there are a lot of Sulfate free Shampoo's and Conditioners out on the market.  If the shampoo is sulfate free it usually will say so on the bottle. I particularly like Bain Chroma Captive.

Before I answer your question, since this can be a controversial topic, I want to ramble about a few points. First things first, lets talk about what Sulfates are and why they're in shampoos to begin with. Sulfates are typically inexpensive fillers in shampoos. Sulfates are the ingredients in shampoos and soaps that helps cut down the grease and creates lather. The lather from sulfate's is what leaves the hair feeling nice and clean.

Some people claim that sulfate shampoo can be harsh on the hair because it can strip your hair's essentials oils and can strip away the color molecules in color treated hair. The way I look at it is that there are so many factors that can be harsh for your hair. Take UV rays, chemicals, pollution, cigarette smoke for example, they all can damage the hair and can be a factor in your hair color fading. To be honest with you, I've never really noticed any difference with using a sulfate free shampoo and a regular shampoo on my own hair, except my hair feeling dirty and greasy when using sulfate free shampoo's. But keep in mind my hair is fine textured. When I use my sulfate free shampoo it feels soft, but a bit grungy. I think that sulfate free shampoo's are good for women who have thick, coarse, dry and curly hair. Because you almost want the natural oils to stay in your hair so it will naturally condition it. But its not for everyone.

Now, with me being a health conscious individual down to the cleaning agents I use in my own home, some claim that sulfates can cause cancer. Well, then take a look at all of your beauty products at home and I guarantee that you will find sulfates and other potential harmful ingredients in your every day getting ready beauty regimen. I know...sucky right? But if you are super concerned with your beauty products, I highly recommend checking out my favorite site. Its called www.ewg.org and its basically a cosmetic database which will tell you what ingredients do what and its toxicity level. You'd be surprise, everything is toxic and "potentially" harmful.

Alright, so now you know the scoop, you can make up your own mind from here.  But
as far as recommendations for a new Shampoo and Conditioner, I'd have to say that it is really going to  depend on how drastic you go with your new ombre color. Are you going with a bold difference of dark at roots to light ends? If that's the case I'd say stick with a more moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner like Bain Satin(shampoo) and Lait Vital (conditioner) by Keratase. This shampoo and conditioner is not sulfate free, but its very moisturizing for dry hair but isn't overly heavy, so it would be perfect for your hair. Especially with your hair tending to fall flat.

If you are going with a softer and settle ombre, which is only a few shades different from roots to ends, then I'd say go for  Bain Chroma Captive and Fondant Chroma Captive_by Keratase. This will keep your color fresh. The only problem is that it is a sulfate free shampoo, so I feel like it's heavier than the Bain Satin, which can make you hair feel flat like you said you were trying to avoid.

Thanks again for you question! Do you have a hair question you are dying to know? If so, make sure to email me @ jennystrebe{at}hotmail.com


Ombre vs Sombre

Ombre vs Sombre. Have you heard the term Sombre yet? Ombre has been popular for a couple of years now, it's currently out and sombre is currently in. I'm almost embarrassed to say that the first time I heard "Sombre" was at a hair show where Celebrity stylist Kim Vo was speaking. He was making jokes about calling a soft ombre "Sombre." I'm pretty sure I was rolling my eyes in his not so funny humour but a few months later, I can't believe I've been hearing this expression more and more. Sombre can also be referred to a softer type of  ballayage or melting technique.

Sombre is when the hair is a softer side of ombre. When choosing this technique you only want your stylist to do two to three shades lighter than the color at the roots. That's whats going to give you that softer Ombre aka Sombre feel to it. You may have noticed in some of my YouTube videos I look like I have a bit of roots, and I do. I've been retouching my hair with a lite golden blonde color, while allowing my platinum locks to naturally grow out.

I'm loving this technique because its barely there,settle and its insanely sexy, not to mention very fresh. Just remember when getting this technique done to your hair, you only want to go no more than two shades lighter on the ends. You want it to barely look like there is much color change. For summer I say go for the warm tones such as honey or Carmel Loving this trend!! 


Great Gatsby Waves

This tutorial is dedicated to all of my vintage lovers. With all the hype from The Great Gatsby movie release, I had to do a vintage inspired wave with a curlstick for you all. This look is sooo easy, all you need are a few simple tools. This look will work no matter your hair length and texture. I love this way of achieving vintage waves because its simple with out all the gel from the original finger waves. On top of that, its a modern take on the The Great Gatsby style of waves. I hope you liked it.

And for more vintage inspired do's check out these two fabulous step by step tutorials I did a few months back.

And CLICK HERE for full step by step instructions. 


Mousse, Not Just A Product Of The 80's

I had a lovely viewer the other week ask me to elaborate on all my essential styling products. I felt that there is soooo much to say on this topic that I'm going to go over a product at a time. This week I'm going to go over mousses. Mousse has gotten a bad rep in the last decade or so. Women usually associate these products with big 80's hair, or permed hair. And yes, its true...Mousses and gels is what all of our favorite rock n rollers of the 80's used to use to get major volume, along with a little teasing of the hair of course. But just because these products were used in the 80's, doesn't mean that we can't use them now. Lets go over these products and why they are a styling must have for me.

Ever wonder how celebrities hair hold up so well during award ceremonies? I guarantee that most of them have some kind of base product like a mousse in there hair for texture, volume and hold.

What is texture? I use the word texture a lot. The texture of your hair is how it feels. It could be silky, soft, coarse, waxy or stiff. When I use the word texture, I'm referring to the hair feeling like it has some grit to it. It could be grit from a mousse, wax or hairspray. Or you can add texture to the hair by adding  a slight wave or curl to it. This gives it "texture" because the hair is curled or waved when it is usually isn't so the hair has some grip to it. You ladies with curly hair have it easy when it comes to upstyles holding, because you have loads of texture. It's harder to put your hair up into an updo or braid when your hair is super silky and with a bit of curl or product in it, it gives it texture in order for the upstyle to hold all night long. Still with me?? 

Mousse is mainly known for giving the hair volume. It helps plump up the cuticle and when using it near the roots, you can achieve some massive amounts of volume that will last all day, night and possible a few days after. If you hair is limp from being to fine, to thick, a heavy a mousse product can be your best friend with the amount of volume you can get from it. Just apply generously all over and concentrate on the root area, blow dry the opposite way that you want to lay and instant volume. I swear you can achieve a beauty bar blow out at home with a little bit of mousse.

Have problems with hold in your hair? You can almost skip the whole process of needing to hair spray your hair if you have mousse in it. You will instantly be amazed at how well your hair will hold a curl if you've blow dried some mousse in it previously. Don't believe me? Give it a shot and thank me later ladies

Now I don't use a mousse or a gel in my everyday hair routine, but anytime I do a tutorial or have a wedding or a function to attend, I always use my trusty hair mousse. Mousse not only gives me tons of texture and hold, it makes my hair more moldable for the hairstyles I choose. 

So if you are lacking volume, texture and hold. I definitely suggest busting out your old 80's hair mousse and giving it another shot. I prefer Volumeactive by Keratase mousse when I need some major lift and hold that will last me all night long. Do you have a favorite mousse??


Final Countdown

When I was pregnant with my first child Magnolia who now is 2, the last few weeks were crazy because I had no idea when she would be born. I remember posting on my FaceBook it's the final countdown to her birth and had this stupid song stuck in my head. The sweet Kez from My Little Runaway Blog reminded me of that dang song on Instagram and now I have it stuck in my head, so for fun I decided to post it because I'm now over 38weeks pregnant and its "The Final Countdown" to my sons birth. Too funny!

And how awesome was their hair?? I totally rocked a perm in the 80's. But then again, who didn't. I even had my fringe permed. But I will say, that how easy were perms? A little mousse or gel, scrunch and diffuse for volume or leave when wet and you were set. Wish hair could be that easy these days. 

Oh, and I'm sorry if this song is stuck in your head now too. 


Met Gala 2013 Red Carpet

Above are a few of my favorite hairstyles from the Met Gala. My favorite look of the night was Anne Hathaway. Didn't she look stunning with her newly blonde hair? I loved how her hair was styled up away from her face instead of down. Who rocked your favorite hairstyle?


Bohemian Bridal Updo

Happy Wednesday everyone!! I had to do this style because I just love it. Its soft, elegant and yet so simple. If you haven't noticed already, I'm all about easy achievable hair for every women. So if you loved this, don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel for weekly hair love!!


Help! In Need Of New Haircut.

Hi Jenny! I ran into your website while looking for hairstyles for my next visit at the salon. I am having trouble finding a haircut that flatters my face shape. I have a small forehead and rounder in the cheeks. Right now I have long layers, which I would like to keep, but my ends look dried out. Any suggestions or links I can visit to give my hairstylist an idea of what I want?
Thanks for your help, Paula

Hey there Paula!! Thanks so much for your question! So happy that you've found my hair blog, and I'm hoping I can help you out with your hair dilemma. Judging from the pictures you emailed in, it looks like you have a triangle face shape. Which the triangular face shape is narrow at the forehead and wide at the jawline.

I think you should stick with long layers, but maybe bring them up a few inches, that way the layers cut in to the cheekbone area where its a tad bit fuller. Make sure the layers are no shorter than your jaw bone area, because you want to avoid the cheeks looking fuller. This will also allow you to get movement and height in your hair which will give it more "umph." 

You are an incredibly gorgeous young lady who resembles Kourtney Kardashian, so I'd say look to her when you want to change up your hair because you looks so much alike and she has a similar face shape as you. Just call her your hair role model!! The picture below is the kind of layers that you need and just throwing it out there, her hair color would look amazing on you as well!! 

Hope this helps you out, and if you decide to go with this look, please email me a pic because it will look amazing on you!! 



Sometimes it feels a little strange being a "hair blogger." I envy all the fabulous blogs out there where women really get to let the world into their lives. I feel like with me being a professional hairstylist that I need to be just that, and 99 percent of the time talk about hair. Maybe it's just the emotional side of me lately waiting for my baby boy to be born, but I'm sitting here reflecting on the past few weeks and really want to do a "Currently" post like my friend Danielle over at Sometimes Sweet does. I mean, I'm not just a hairstylist. I'm a women, a daughter, a mom, a friend, a wife and a happy fun loving person, who isn't always serious about hair all the time. So in honor of my pregnancy induced emotional hormones, I wanted to do a "Currently" post of my own, and let you all in the hairstylists life from home, not just from behind the chair.

Anxious for when my baby boy is going to enter the world. So excited to cuddle with him and be able to look into his sweet little eyes. But mostly excited to have my two year old daughter Magnolia lay her eyes on our sweet little boy for the first time. This will be my last baby, so it's exciting that this will be my lovely family for the rest of my life. This will be a moment I won't want to share with anyone, just my husband.  Selfish I know, but I'm really looking forward to it. Am the only one that has felt this way?

Nervous for the next couple of weeks at work, as I really could go into labor any day now. My daughter was 16 days late, so this time I have booked a few clients a couple of days past my due date. Call me crazy, but I'd rather be working huge, swollen and all, then be sitting around eating bon bon's.

Blessed that I'm having so much fun filming tutorials for my YouTube Channel. I'm so happy that I have the opportunity to work with such amazing people that are helping me grow and challenge myself. I have some really neat upcoming opportunities in the works and I can't wait to share with everyone.

Eating Tofutti cones like no other. I'm vegetarian not vegan, but these are the best frozen treats around. And for all you lactose intolerant peeps, these are 100 percent dairy free. I'm pretty sure I have gained a few extra baby lbs due to the fact that I can't stop eating these delicious treats. Have you tried these yet??

Sensitive on how people can be so insensitive on YouTube. So stupid I know, but maybe its the extra pregnancy hormones, but I feel like I'm giving away my tricks of the trade that I've learned over the past 13 years of doing hair for free, so if you don't like it, don't watch it. But I do want to kindly thank those who leave postive feedback and kind comments.

Wishing for long hair again so I can do some long haired tutorials on myself for everyone in the very near future. Last pregnancy my hair grew crazy fast, and this time it's growing so slow. Baby boy is sucking the life out of me, but of course totally worth it. Am the only one??

Excited to try some new hair products that a new up and coming hair product company called Indie Hair products sent me to give a try. I love me some new products to dabble in. If you haven't seen this product line yet, you will soon so make sure you check it out. 

Fortunate that I found Melanie at My Billie Designs who has been helping me with all sorts of projects that have to do with graphics, because I'm clueless and my brain just doesn't function that way. Make sure to check her out if you need any help with blog design or any other kind of graphic design. She's sooooo amazing!

Looking forward to being skinny again. I've gained 29lbs so far this pregnancy and have a couple more weeks to go. I know I'm in the healthy range of weight gain, but did you know I started filming my tutorials at 6 months pregnant? I just want to come back from my leave, back to my old self with tons of great energy to bring you some really great tutorials and not feel self conscious on my weight or pregnant self. Or let alone try to fit into fun clothes. <----- so hard!

Crazy for being almost 38 weeks (9  1/2 months)  pregnant and just getting back home from Prescott, AZ over the weekend. I kind of gambled going  2 hours away from home to go to my daughters little School camp, as it was in the middle of absolute now where, and baby boy is full term and come at anytime. But it was so worth seeing her have such an amazing time in nature. Luckily I've made it home still pregnant and safe. Although I'm a bit tired from sleeping on a crappy camp mattress. Enjoy a few pictures below.

What has everyone else been up to?

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Prom Hair Question

I only went to a couple of fancy school dances growing up, is that crazy or what? My friends from high school are still some of my closest friends today, but for some reason we thought we were too cool for school dances. So when I got today's "Ask Jenny" question I was thrilled to answer it. This is what adorable Hailey from above emailed in: 

Hey there Jenny! I just came across your page today, and you are awesome! But I am really in quite the pickle.. so I'm 18, and prom is TOMORROW, and I have yet to decide how to do my hair. I can't think of what will suit my dress the best! Is there I way I could show you my dress, and you could possibly recommend a hairstyle? Here is a picture of my dress and one on the model. I personally don't like my hair down with it. Unless you disagree. But I'm thinking I like the idea of an updo!  PLEASE HELP ME. Thank you :) -Hailey

I recommended to Hailey that she should either do a low bun or side bun hairstyle or have it down with some glamorous waves. I felt like the dress has a lot going on so you want to keep it sexy yet simple.  The dress reminded me a lot of what you saw on the red carpet this year and everyone wore their hair down with glamour waves. She chose the down style and doesn't it look amazing??

Hailey, thanks so much for your question and emailing in. You are adorable, and it looks like you were on your way to have a great night!! xo


Summer Hair Accesories

I just adore boho inspired hair accessories that scream summer concerts and brisk walks on the beach. In this tutorial I show you a few simple ways to wear spring & summers hottest hair accessories. I used a  bun floral crownprinted wire tie, and a bun wrap by Free People. As well as some adorable hair elastics elastics by Glitter Revival which I call the new scrunchies and is a must have!!

All of these styles shown are fun, easy, sassy with just the right amount of Bohemian for those summer loving beach babes. Enjoy and let me know which look is your favorite.

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